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Outreach Program


Roots restoration will be facilitating an outreach program in Kumasi, Ghana, that will provide the local Kronum community with things to aid and improve their day to day living. We will be focusing specifically on the local children in the Kronum area, as well as the New Life Orphanage and the Manhiya District Hospital.

Whilst spending time in Ghana we were able to see the huge contrast in products available compared with those in the UK. Similarly having the NHS system means we take for granted and even expect to receive many things when attending our local hospitals.

Our aim is to raise funds to purchase items that are not easily accessible within the Kronum area but will provide huge benefits to the community. This includes things such as feminine hygiene products, antibacterial gel, gloves, cleaning products, plasters, and dressings. We will also be providing some of the local children with basic school necessities such as shoes, books, book bags, stationery, etc

Similarly, the children within the Orphanage are deprived of having facilities that could ease the nagging physical and mental difficulties that they face on a daily basis. 

We, therefore, aim to provide the basic items, as well as other requirements that will aid development such as sensory toys for disabled children, daily essentials, learning toys to aid development and soft play mats etc.

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