Childrens home


Jamaica is riddled with its high crime and unemployment rates that contribute to its poverty levels. We want to provide children with a place to keep them off the streets and provide foundations for a better future.

We intend to build a children’s home in Jamaica, which will house children ranging from 0-16 years of age; providing them with a safe place to be nurtured, grow and develop. 

The children’s home will consist of two buildings. One of which will accommodate all of the girls and the younger boys up until the age of 7; the second building will accommodate the older boys ranging from 8-16. Both houses will be accessible by all children and staff. We aim to have onsite staff as well as staff that will work specific shifts such as morning, day and night.

We will also build an outdoor learning space, where the children can take part in extracurricular activities, as well as a space for play and leisure. It will include a playground and an area for growing crops and plants. This, we hope, will instill in the children a strong sense of responsibility, persistence, patience, and how to nurture and care for things.

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